Clipper Subsea Cross-Over Manifold Skid

Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Testing (EPC) of a subsea cross-over manifold skid for the tie-in of the pipeline from Shell’s Clipper South Platform to the existing Clipper Platform.

The work comprises the protection structure including the pipeline components and subsea valves to allow combining the produced fluids from Clipper South into the existing pipeline system from Skiff to Clipper. The structure will be piled to the sea bottom in the vicinity of the Clipper Platform.

  • LocationClipper, UK Southern North Sea
  • Dimensions8x8x4 metres
  • Weight60 tonnes
  • Contract AwardApril 2017
  • CompletionMay 2018
  • ContractEPC
  • ClientShell UK Ltd.
  • Consultant/EngineerIv-Oil & Gas


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HSM Offshore - Clikpper Subsea Cross-Over Manifold Skid (Shell)
HSM Offshore - Clipper Subsea Cross-Over Manifold Skid (Shell)